Diversity and inclusion training

Get the most from your safe and inclusive neurodiverse team.

Don’t wait until someone in your team feels safe enough to trust you with their neurodivergent diagnosis. Learn how to ensure everyone can access your workplace and feel supported in your team.

Patricia’s highly interactive neurodiversity inclusion and training sessions provide leadership skills, practical strategies and personalised support as required.


Neuro Inclusive Edge

FRIDAY 22 March, 2024: 10am – 4pm

Neuro-inclusive Edge:
Building Inclusive Workplaces with Strong Leadership

Next Event: Friday 22 March 2024

Join us for a one-day transformative program that unlocks the full potential of your leadership. Delve into the realms of workplace diversity, inclusion, neurodiversity, and psychological safety, and equip yourself with the tools to lead a dynamic team.

By the end of this program, leaders will have:


  • Leadership skills that prioritise diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.
  • Strategies for working with and leading a neurodivergent workforce.
  • Confidence in leading diverse teams.
  • Workplace champions of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Enhanced relationships with others.
  • An action plan to create an inclusive environment that promotes psychological safety.
image of Patricia Falcetta in Leading on the Spectrum Workshop

Patricia has brought to us as a chapter and to me more personally so much knowledge and value regarding Autism, especially that Autism still has a lot of misconceptions in the region. Moreover, she is very helpful, flexible and very organised, she was able to deliver the workshop with simplicity and passion. She supported her workshop with useful informatics and insights. Basically one of the smoothest and informative workshops conducted though our chapter, and honestly would love to work with her in more depth regarding ‘business on the autistic spectrum’

Soha El Baklawry
Startup Grind

Building a Diverse and
Inclusive Workplace

Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse, with thriving teams attracting employees who can be their authentic selves at work, bringing the best of their backgrounds, identities and unique abilities with them every day.

The key to inclusive workplaces with engaged workforces is understanding and connection starting with education and awareness. Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace is a three-part course for employees at all levels.

  • Module 1: Understanding unconscious bias
  • Module 2: Workplace culture and sensitivities
  • Module 3: Creating a physiologically safe workplace

Note: Training presented in conjunction with Liz Nair, Attivo Consulting


Image showing people in a workplace working at desks, standing at desks, collaborating on coauches

I recently attended Patricia Falcetta’s online neurodiversity workshop and I must say it was an incredibly informative and helpful experience. The information presented was concise yet thorough, and the relevance of the topic was evident throughout the session. As someone who is neurodiverse myself, I found the insights shared to be particularly valuable. Patricia was an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and her passion for the subject matter shone through in her presentation. Overall, I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of neurodiversity and how it impacts individuals in various areas of life.

Jackie Vierow,
DEI Lead
image of Patricia Falcetta in Leading on the Spectrum Workshop

Neuro-inclusive Awareness Program

Where diversity takes centre stage, and neurodiversity shines brightly, creating a high-performing and inclusive workplace like never before.

This 3-hour program goes beyond theory, equipping participants with practical, actionable strategies that can be applied immediately in your workplace.

This 3-hour program will provide attendees with:


  • An enhanced understanding of diversity and inclusion at work.
  • Improved workplace relationships by understanding workplace culture and sensitivities.
  • An awareness of working with neurodivergent people.
  • An introduction to the ISO 45003 standard and psychosocial hazards.
  • The confidence to contribute.
  • Actionable steps and frameworks to enhance an inclusive environment that promotes psychological safety.

We found the Mindset Shifts presentation most informative.  Staff commented on how the presentation has created more awareness around what nuances to look out for and how easily certain presumptions can be made regards certain behaviours. It was thought provoking and created a new found awareness.

Global Transformation Consultancy

Making Sense of the Landscape

Focussing on the individual, this is a leadership program for neurodivergent team members looking to take on, or improve skills in, leadership roles. Designed for all neurodivergent diagnoses, including self-identifying, Making Sense of the Landscape is a small group, peer-supportive learning environment that seeks to enhance individual leadership capabilities.

This training focusses on:

  • Creating and maintaining effective networks and peer relationships in the workplace
  • Recognising and bringing your own strengths to collaborations
  • Techniques for reducing stressors and triggers at the workplace

Note: Eligible participants may redeem the cost of this program through the NDIS.

Image of a compass, indicting a journey with direction

Thank you so much for attending James Ruse on Thursday. Both the teachers and our students have said how informative, interesting and reverential your presentations and Q&A sessions on neurodiversity were. Some points of highlight for the students were their interest in the scientific explanation of neurodiversity and the brain, the ability to ask questions and feel part of the experience and the way in which you discussed neurodiversity as a collective experience, making those who are neurodivergent feel a greater sense of belonging and those who know neurodivergent people understand more about their behaviours, feelings and executive functioning. 


I am hopeful that we will have more opportunities to work together in the future on our shared mission for creating inclusive, safe, respectful, educated and understanding environments for us ‘neurospicy’ folk. 

Ashlee Englefield
James Ruse Agricultural High School