Patricia Falcetta
Keynote speaker and neurodiversity advocate

Patricia Falcetta | Keynote speaker and neurodiversity advocate

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The future is neurodiverse

With her potent combination of lived experience and professional training, Patricia Falcetta (OAM) is paving the way for a more inclusive neurodiverse society.

Strongly advocating that diversity encompasses everyone, Patricia shows the world that inclusivity benefits us all. Drawing on her history as a neurodiverse woman, a coach, and an advocate for everyone with a neurodivergent brain, she inspires action in business, education, and Government.

Backed by evidence and full of practical tips, she shows that embracing diversity and supporting neurodivergent team members with all-inclusive workplace accessibility policies increases organisational productivity, employee retention, creativity, and innovation.


A video snippet of Patricia Falcetta addressing the Ozwater 23 Conference

‘Accessibility was not part of the industrial revolution, but we must make it part of the digital revolution.’

Anne Heubi

Keynote Speaker

Powerful mindset shifts – changing the world one conversation at a time

Internationally renowned in neurodiverse circuits, Patricia captivates audiences with her fresh perspective on the positive aspects of neurodiversity in the workplace.

Available for in-person or online keynote speeches, Patricia works with clients to ensure a tailored presentation to meet audience requirements.


Diversity Training

Seeing the strengths in neurodivergent brains

Specialising in workplace diversity awareness, Patricia can also cover many intersectional diversities that often impact neurodivergent team members.

Available for broad awareness raising speeches and presentations through to in-depth, team specific facilitation to support practical strategies and policy development.


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Hong Kong Gay Olympic Games

About Patricia Falcetta

Neurodiversity Advocate | Speaker | Facilitator 

Patricia has a vision for a world where people with autism and other neurodivergent identities are accepted, integrated, and recognised as the valuable members of society they are.

Hers is a story that begins with advocating for those she loves. Fast forward a decade of personal and professional development to a personal diagnosis. Her story will not end until advocacy for neurodivergent members of society is no longer needed.


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