Neuro-inclusive Awareness Program

Building inclusive workplaces with strong leadership

Where diversity takes centre stage, and neurodiversity shines brightly,
creating a high-performing and inclusive workplace like never before.  

Embracing Neurodiversity

The hidden potential in your work place

The number of people considered as neurodivergent is rapidly increasing. For workplaces, understanding your workforce and your clients has never been more important.

Embracing neurodiversity allows managers and team leaders to leverage each member’s unique strengths and preferences, enabling them to excel. When everyone thrives, the team performs at its peak.       

This three-hour program will leave you with strategies and tools to better understand neurodiversity and create a workplace that better understands its workforce.  

PLUS – receive 2 weeks of post program support delivered to your inbox!  

Why This Program?

This three-hour awareness program will empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

The program differentiator is:

  •  A reference to the ISO45003 standard in managing psychosocial risks.
  • the awareness of working with neurodivergent individuals. 
  •  an experienced neurodivergent facilitator
  • a seasoned neuro-leadership facilitator.
  • applied learning methodology with real-world examples. 
  • actionable steps and frameworks individuals can implement in the workplace to lead real change. 
  •  2 weeks of bite sized learning content sent to your inbox post program.

Build a thriving workplace

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Program Modules

Module One: Introducing Neurodiversity and Inclusion in the Workplace    

  •  Understanding the importance of a safe and inclusive workplace        
  •  Unpacking the latest statistics for neurodiversity inclusion
  •  Organisational structures that are stifling neuro-inclusion
  • Fundamentals of neuro-inclusive leadership    
  • Building inclusive teams – addressing unconscious biases and understanding language 

Module Two: Embracing Neurodiversity at Work              

  •  Recognising neurodiversity and its value to the workplace
  •  Identifying the strengths and contributions of neurodivergent employees
  •  Understanding terms including sensory overload, task paralysis, stimming, and masking to better understand your neurodivergent talent 
  •  The importance of communication 


Module Three: Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace

  • What is psychological safety?
  • The impact of psychosocial hazards on psychological safety
  • Strategies for creating a psychologically safe workplace.
  • Create a framework for psychological safety in your workplace.

Build a thriving workplace

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Feedback from previous attendees


Customer Satisfaction Score: 90%

95% of attendees were happy with the content of the presentation and with the presentation skills

100% of attendees felt inspired after attending the event.

The event was relevant, well presented and one of the best I have attended. 

The Hatchery 

Such a great program and so happy to be part of today’s session. Extremely valuable and learnt so much.

Hayley Armstrong ACS

Thanks for a great training day! I got a lot out of listening to both you and Liz Nair, and have already brought a lot of what we talked about into my classroom.

Lachlan Ruffy
UC Secondary College Lake Ginninderra  
  • Patricia and Liz were great. Clear and engaging with fantastic knowledge.  
  • Amazing! I enjoyed that this training was both evidence and lived experience based.
  • Understanding and accommodating, with a brilliant knowledge of the subject matter.  
Liquid Learning Feedback

Build a thriving workplace

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Who is it for?

With 30% of the workforce considered neurodivergent, our program provides a platform for connection and growth. If you’re eager to deepen your understanding of neurodiversity and excel in a high-productivity environment, then this program is made for you. Valued individuals consistently outperform, driving success and fostering a culture of excellence  

Plus, gain actionable frameworks to ignite discussions back in your workplace and sustain progress post-program.

Suitable for employees at all levels, including: 

  • educators
  • learning support
  • managers
  • team leaders and
  • front-line staff 

Build a thriving workplace

10:00pm – 3:00pm

More feedback


How would you rate your workshop facilitator:
4.6 Stars 

Format and presentation style:
4.4 Stars   

Workbook and resources:
4.5 Stars 

  • Informative. Some useful and practical models and tools for us to use in the workplace. Great prompting questions, eg, if we did nothing, what would the impact be? Run smoothly – no hitches. Ran to time and gave breaks.
  • The training contained valuable insights and was thoughtfully curated. The short breaks were also really appreciated and helped me to stay engaged throughout.
  • I felt like there is something to learn for everyone – whether you are leading a team or neurodivergent yourself.
  • The presentation was excellent, lots of relevant and interesting information to start making positive steps in the D&I space.
  • The event was relevant, well presented and one of the best I have attended.
  • Content and structure of sessions are always considered and useful.
  • The event was extremely valuable and informative. From a delivery perspective it all ran exceptionally smoothly. I feel like I got a lot of value out of the session.
  • A great session that was well presented and highly relevant to my workplace.
  • Great workshop which even though I am neurodivergent myself, I have learnt so much more and see such an importance to update learning programs in my workplace to include this awareness.
  • The seminar explored not only what neurodiversity ‘is’, but also positive frameworks for safe and productive work environments and the actual science of neurodiversity which was a very effective ‘full circle’ approach to improving my understanding of neurodiversity.

Build a thriving workplace

10:00pm – 3:00pm

Meet Your Facilitators

Liz Nair is an accomplished business leader, esteemed speaker, skilled facilitator, executive coach, and successful entrepreneur. Liz holds a background in executive management and adult education. She is highly regarded for her exceptional proficiency in driving organisational transformations and has earned recognition from numerous industry associations.

As the Founder and Director of Attivo Consulting, Liz collaborates with clients across the public and private sectors to elevate organisational culture and enhance leadership performance. Her passion for understanding human behaviour and commitment to empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential is evident. Liz applies a neuroscience-based approach to her programs to build leadership, well-being, communication, social interactions, emotional regulation, mindset, and team-building strategies with her clients.

Liz’s qualifications underscore her dedication to continuous professional growth. She is pursuing a post-graduate degree in Psychology and holds degrees in Management, Adult Education, and Positive Psychology. Her certifications include Neuroscience for Business, Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner, and Adesso Well-being Profiling Practitioner.

Patricia Falcetta, OAM, is a highly experienced facilitator with over 25 years of working in the public and private sectors. Neurodivergent herself, she is a passionate advocate for neurodivergent people; she is the Founder and Director of Social Living Solutions, which specialises in providing support for neurodivergent youth, families, and adults. She has created a holistic program for families with neurodivergent members and published a resource alongside this program. Patricia supports organisations nationally and internationally in mental health, well-being, and their neurodivergent staff. Notably, she is a speaker presenting at conferences both internationally and nationally.   

Patricia holds qualifications in Positive Psychology, Education Support and Business. She is an accredited Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and is currently studying to become an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner. Her expertise in mental health, well-being, and neurodiversity has been widely recognised for her contributions to the field awarded an “Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All” by the Women’s Economic Forum in 2020. In 2019 and 2022, she was a finalist in the ACT Chief Ministers Inclusion Awards.

Build a thriving workplace

10:00pm – 3:00pm

Program Outcomes

At the end of this program, participants will have: 

  • An enhanced understanding of diversity and inclusion at work.
  • Awareness of the term neurodiversity
  • Recognise and break down the barriers of inclusion at work. 
  • Knowledge of neurodivergent strengths in the workplace.
  • A shared understanding of others
  • Enhanced workplace culture. 
  • An awareness of the ISO45003 standard and psychosocial hazards.
  • Actionable steps to create an inclusive environment that promotes psychological safety. 

Investing in inclusion training is a game changer! Enhance engagement, productivity and innovation by understanding your workforce and your clients.  

© Patricia Falcetta

A smart investment in building a stronger and more successful team!