Embrace the Power of Neurodiversity

As a keynote speaker and neurodiversity advocate, Patricia Falcetta offers unique and insightful webinars that delve into the power of neurodiversity. These engaging sessions provide practical knowledge, allowing you to connect with industry experts, fellow attendees, and explore interactive learning opportunities. Join us for upcoming webinars to unlock the potential of neurodiversity, expand your knowledge, and foster meaningful connections. Embrace this opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with Patricia Falcetta.

Welcome to Trusted Terrain, a webinar series focused on psychological safety, inclusion, and effective leadership. This series is designed to provide leaders and professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to create a safe and inclusive workplace culture that fosters innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

The workplace is evolving, and leaders must adapt to ensure their teams thrive in a rapidly changing environment. In this webinar series, you’ll learn about the latest research and best practices on how to create a culture of psychological safety where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to bring their full selves to work.

Register below for the Navigating the Intersection: Intersectionality, Boundaries and Creating Inclusive Workspaces, Wednesday 25 October,  10.00 am AEDT. (Daylight Savings Time)

Looking for ways to create an inclusive workplace that unlocks the full potential of all your employees?

Explore the intricate interplay of diverse identities, learn the art of setting healthy boundaries, and discover how to champion an inclusive culture that embraces neurodiversity. Register your place for a 45-minute webinar to build a thriving workplace.


Introduction to Intersectionality

Our journey begins with a deep dive into intersectionality. Learn how multiple identities intersect and influence the experiences of individuals within the workplace, including the unique perspectives of neurodiverse individuals.

Understanding Boundaries 

Discover the significance of boundaries in personal and professional spheres. Explore how boundaries empower individuals to define their limits, safeguard their well-being, and cultivate healthy relationships, taking into consideration the needs of neurodiverse individuals.

Intersectionality and Boundary Challenges 

Journey into the unique challenges that emerge at the crossroads of intersecting identities, including neurodiversity. We’ll explore real-life scenarios where individuals might face pressures to conform to societal expectations linked to their diverse identities, including neurodiverse experiences.

Intersectionality, Boundaries, and Leadership 

Delve into the critical role of leadership in fostering inclusive workplaces. Gain insights into how leaders can actively support employees with intersecting identities, including neurodiversity, by nurturing a boundary-respecting culture.

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  • Increased Awareness and Understanding: Participants will gain a heightened awareness of intersectionality and a deeper understanding of how it impacts individuals in the workplace.
  • Improved Boundary Setting Skills: Attendees will develop practical skills for setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in personal and professional contexts.
  • Enhanced Leadership Abilities: Leaders and managers will acquire insights into supporting employees with intersecting identities.
  • Promotion of Neuro-Inclusivity: The webinar will inspire participants to actively promote diversity and inclusion within their organisations.
  • Application of Practical Strategies: Attendees will leave with actionable strategies and tools they can immediately apply to their work and interactions.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • WHS Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Employees who experience sensory processing difficulties



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